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If you like larger detailed model dragsters from drag racing's golden age then you are finally in luck. Within the last year, spurred on no doubt by the success of 1320's range of 1/24 scale models and the "super-stock"/"pro-stock" variants of some 1/18 scale muscle car models, a couple of manufacturers have kicked in with with some truly historic machines. To date there are two sources in this scale. Firstly there is Georgia Metal Products, who have already obtained a good reputation for their full-bodied classic cars and racers and secondly Precision Miniature, who seem to have come from nowhere with the two all-time classic fuel altereds. GMP will be producing further early slingshots (and in due course will be releasing the same models reduced down to 1/43 scale - with some natural loss of detail). At the moment I have no real idea what, if anything, Precision Miniature might have planned. All these models were produced in limited quantities, the level of detail truly justifies the price, enjoy them whilst you can.

Precision miniatures have now announced that their next model will be the 1952 SoCal drop-tank lakester, available shortly pre-order price £79-99.
Form follows function, this was one of the more distinctive cars to run the dry lakes and salt flats. Many of the early cars of this type were called wing tank, belly tank or drop tank cars. Unlike amateur hot rodders who used conventional automobiles, airmen from the USAF understood the importance of aerodynamics. So an inspired group started to build salt flat racers from 315 gallon auxiliary fuel tanks which were originally fitted to the bottom of P-38 Lightning aircraft. Thus the term belly tankers was derived. Alex Xydias's So-Cal Speed Shop was one of the leading garages producing these exceptional salt flat land speed cars. The So-Cal Belly Tanker ran three different flat-head Ford engines in 1952 in 3 different classes. It broke two records in 1952 at 198.34 mph and would probably have broken a third had the first Chrysler Hemi powered tanks not arrived on the scene. At the Bonneville Speed Week in 1952 it won 6 awards and was declared "The Most Honored Car In The History Of Bonneville.

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SoCal 52 Lakester Ramchargers 64 Dodge A330 Roger Lindamood 64 Dodge A330 Chrysler 426 street hemi

For those that prefer full bodied racers the Ramchargers and Color-me-Gone '64 Dodge A330 super-stock racers are now available at £54-99 each.

All right, I know that this is not a 1/18th model but I thought that some of you might just like this Liberty Classics 1/6 scale model Hemi. £29-99.

Whilst for those that prefer something smaller there are always the GMP 1/43 scale models.

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Landy 68 Charger Landy 69 Charger Landy 70 Challenger Landy 71 Challenger
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Sox & Martin 70 Cuda Sox & Martin 71 Cuda Butch Leal 71 Duster Alren Vanke 71 Duster
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Don Carlton 71 Challenger Don Carlton 72 Cuda
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Dave Strickler 69 Camaro Arnie Beswick 62 Catalina Grumpy Jenkins 66 Nova