Flames of Fear

Since these tapes are recordings of actual sporting events they fall into an exempted category with regard to classification and age rating.

I mention the fatalities on the Flames of Fear description so that anyone who wishes to avoid this tape can do so and not be offended.

My opinion is that the scenes are not in any way “gory”. What you see in these particular instances are the car starting the run and crashing some way in the distance, the narrative informs us that the driver did not survive. I can think of a sequence that has been shown around the world in newsreel films and on television that is very similar and which you may perhaps have seen, it is famous enough, being Sir Donald Cambell’s final run across lake Coniston. What you see is a brave man losing control of a fast and powerful vehicle which crashes. What I would say is that if the inclusion of footage of that crash would mean that you would not want to watch a documentary on the Bluebird speed record attempts then you will probably not want to watch the Flames of Fear. If you are old enough to watch the average evening news program I would say you are certainly old enough to watch this tape.

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