Miscellaneous items sought 

Various items that I or my family are looking for,

If you can help then please email {short description of image}

Children's Toys
Most of these have now been located, thank you.

Diecast & plastic models
Mattel Hotwheels 1/18 scale 69 Dodge Charger diecast assembly kit

Alloy Wheels (full size) 

Appliance "Wire Mag" design, 15" diameter, most widths acceptable.

Set of matching slot-mags 15" diameter, brand/condition not so important but would prefer Chrysler bolt pattern.

Lead to old school friend

I've now found the guy I was looking for.

For what it's worth I suggest the following really simple method of tracking down lost contacts: Put the sought name on a web page. This method is non-intrusive but does require the person or a close friend to run a search on the name, apparently quite a large percentage of individuals want to see what is thrown up on their name. It worked for finding Doug Kightley, who used to run r/c dragsters and found his name in my photo section.