Bob Frey Remembers... When his good friend, Don Garlits, revolutionized the sport by perfecting the rear-engine technology, Chris knew that he had to make the change if he wanted to stay competitive, and so he parked his last, and maybe his best, front-engine car. Like all of his cars, the "Greek's" last TF machine was a work of art. In addition to his beautiful cars, Chris will always be remembered for that historic, if not controversial, run at Alton, Illinois back in 1960, the run where he went 204.54 mph and became the first driver ever to go over 200. Did he really go that fast? Of course he did, he's the "Golden Greek." - Bob Frey

There are very few drag racers that have earned the name, "Legend," but Chris Karamesines is certainly one of them. The man they call the "Golden Greek" has been actively racing for over forty years and he has campaigned everything from a traditional front-engine Top Fuel car to the latest in rear-engine technology. For a brief period, the "Greek" even campaigned a twin-engine car and he once dabbled with those new-fangled Funny Cars, too. But Chris is and always will be a dragster guy at heart, and some of the cars that he raced can be counted among the finest in the history of drag racing. The "Greek's" last front engine dragster propelled him to a runner-up spot against Jim Nicoll, in September 1969 at the AHRA U.S. Open at Bristol, Tennessee. His best performance in this "Fueler" was a 6.51 e.t. and 231.50 mph. The car is currently owned by the Don Garlits Museum of Drag Racing in Ocala, Florida. Issue limited to 3500 pieces.