Please click this link for the frames based site <P>If your browser supports frames then please use <A HREF="intro.htm" TARGET="_top">this link</A> to run the frames based version of the site. <BR> Otherwise please forgive the simplistic set of links which should at least enable you to navigate the site. <BR><BR> </P> <P><A HREF="news.htm">News &amp; Special Offers</A> </P> <P><A HREF="1320inc.htm">1320 Inc.</A> Brilliantly detailed 1/24 scale diecast slingshot dragster and funny car models. </P> <P><A HREF="1-18th/1-18drag.htm">Other Diecasts</A> Principally 1/18 scale dragster models from GMP and fuel altereds from Precision Miniature</P> <P><A HREF="jb1.htm">Jackson Brothers Videos</A> Video tape catalogue, Fuel Altereds, Gassers, Slingshot Fuelers, Funny Cars, Exhibition and Experimental cars. </P> <P><A HREF="gd1.htm">Gold Dust Classics</A> Video tape catalogue, Rails, Super-stocks, Pro-stocks, Altered wheelbase and A/FX, Funny Cars, Wheelstanders etc etc.. </P> <P><A HREF="dt1.htm">Don Tuttle</A> A set of three tapes covering the early days of drag racing, hot-rodding and contemporary record breaking plus a fourth tape shot at the 1994 Bonneville meet with great in-car sequences. </P> <P><A HREF="suggest.htm">Suggestions</A> My short-form recommendations on the above, plus selected links to other sites. </P> <P><A HREF="requestb.htm">Requests + photos</A> Various items (parts/toys/magazines) that I am after plus a list of any duplicates I have for sale. Perhaps you can help? </P> <P>A report on <A HREF="Howes/lions69.htm">Andrew Howes visits to drag races</A> at Lions and Indianapolis in 1969</P> <P>Initial photographs from <A HREF="Dyer/dyer.htm">Malcolm Dyer's drag racing slide collection</A>, slingshot dragsters, furl altereds, the early funny cars, drag bikes, gassers and more</P> <P><A HREF="order.htm">Ordering, small print &amp; e-Mail details</A> <BR> <BR><IMG SRC=""> <BR> </P> <!-- web tools statistics hit counter code --> <P><A HREF=""> <SCRIPT LANGUAGE="javascript">var data,nhp,ntz;document.cookie='__support_check=1';nhp='http'; ntz=new Date();if((location.href.substr(0,6)=='https:') || (location.href.substr(0,6)=='HTTPS:'))nhp='https'; data='&an='+escape(navigator.appName)+ '&ck='+document.cookie.length+ '&rf='+escape(document.referrer)+ '&sl='+escape(navigator.systemLanguage)+ '&av='+escape(navigator.appVersion)+ '&l='+escape(navigator.language)+ '&pf='+escape(navigator.platform)+ '&pg='+escape(location.pathname); if(navigator.appVersion.substring(0,1)>'3') {data=data+'&cd='+ screen.colorDepth+'&rs='+escape(screen.width+ ' x '+screen.height)+ '&tz='+ntz.getTimezoneOffset()+'&je='+ navigator.javaEnabled()}; document.write('<a href="'+ 'redirector.asp?acct=fueldragster">');document.write('<img border=0 hspace=0 '+ 'vspace=0 width=88 height=62 src="'+nhp+'://'+ 'statistics.asp?v=0&s=3&acct=fueldragster'+data+'"></a>');</SCRIPT></A> <SCRIPT LANGUAGE="javascript1.2">document.write('<');document.write('!-- '); </SCRIPT></P> <SCRIPT LANGUAGE="javascript" SRC=""> </SCRIPT> <SCRIPT LANGUAGE="javascript"> getbanner(688,1) </SCRIPT> <NOSCRIPT></NOSCRIPT> <P><A HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" HSPACE="0" VSPACE="0" WIDTH="88" HEIGHT="62" SRC=""> </A> <!--//--> <!-- End statistics web tools hit counter code --> </P>