Bob Frey Remembers... "Whenever drag racing fans think of "Big Daddy" Don Garlits, the first thing that probably comes to mind is a black car. It doesn't make any difference if it's one of Don's very early cars or one of his later creations, Don's cars always had two things in common….they were faster than everyone else's cars and the were black! Except for 1966, when Don fielded the only red car of his career, the "Wynn's Charger." This full-bodied dragster was different for two reasons, first of all it was red, and, secondly, it was probably the one and only car in his career that Don Garlits raced that, for some strange reason, didn't strike fear in everyone's heart. Sure, Don won the AHRA Summer Nationals that year but that was about it. With its mighty 426 hemi Dodge motor, a spectacular body by Hall of Fame builder, Tom Hanna, a paint job by master craftsman, Joe Anderson and Don's usual trick parts, there was no reason why this car shouldn't have been a winner. But, at the end of 1966, after one of the most frustrating year of his career, Don Garlits returned to his roots, a black car, and vowed never to run a red car again. And he never did. "Swamp Rat X," the red car…one of a kind." - Bob Frey

As was all to often with Don Garlits and his dragsters, Swamp Rat X, also known as the Wynn's Charger, was ahead of it's time. When most teams were fielding 145" "flexi" cars, "Big Daddy" prepared a 175" wheelbase rigid chassis design to take on the competition during the 1966 season. Another feature that you will notice is that Swamp Rat X is not painted the usual black that Big Daddy is known for. Garlits agreed to the persimmon red color for the 1966 season at the request of his friends and sponsors. The #2 on the seat was Big's permanent NHRA class number. Always a pioneer of and advocate for safety, Garlits used the same roll cage that protected him through two 190-mph crashes in the construction of this dragster that was powered by a late model 426 power plant. And typical of all Garlits' "Fuelers", Tony Nancy upholstery was the norm for the cockpit.

Limited Production of only 5000 pieces, sold out at factory. £ 49-99