Stardust Memories

When Don Schumacher hung up his helmet and disbanded his Stardust Funny Car Team in 1974, a huge sigh of relief was heard from rivals like Gene Snow and Raymond Beadle in Texas, Pat Foster and Don Prudhomme in California and the late "Jungle Jim" Liberman in Pennsylvania. "The Shoe" was at the top of his game in 1974 when he retired to devote full time energy to his family business, Schumacher Electric Corporation, in Chicago, Illinois. As a driver, Schumacher is remembered for his unequaled record in match races across the country. As the sport reached its early stages of organization, Don won the 1972 Coca-Cola Cavalcade of Stars Championship, the 1973 AHRA World Championship, five NHRA National Event titles and nine IHRA event titles. His Plymouth Barracuda Funny Cars were dubbed "Stardust" and they were usually listed in the record books with runs like 6.18 seconds at 241.95 MPH in 1974. He was an early ambassador to England where he set long-standing records with the same 1970 'Cuda that he drove to a U.S. Nationals victory. As a car owner, Don's record was even more impressive. His engine, clutch, and aerodynamic advancements made his Funny Cars the leading performers in the country, and his safety innovations, like roof-mounted escape hatches, reduced the threat of fire-related injuries at a time when many Funny Car drivers suffered serious burns. In late 1974, with a family at home and a business in need of his supervision, Don announced his retirement from drag racing. To no one's surprise, Don approached his business with the same work ethic and professionalism, which made him a racing champion. Today, Schumacher Electric Corp. is the world's foremost manufacturer of battery chargers with numerous additional product lines like Schumacher Electric Welders in widespread distribution. Don's interest in drag racing returned when son Tony began racing NHRA sportsman cars in the early 1990s. As Tony progressed from driving sportsman cars to Top Fuel Dragsters, Don's passion kicked into high gear. After winning a Top Fuel NHRA Championship in 1999 in his first year back as an owner, Schumacher continues to be heavily involved in the sport today.

This model is very similar in appearance to Shumacher's previous Plymouth 'Cuda F/C, which he ran at the Pod against Paula Murphy. Rather than suffer the return airfreight costs to get it back home in timely fashion it was sold to Santa Pod Raceway, run as an SPR "house" car with Allan Herridge at the wheel before being sold on to the Stones (in which guise it spent the majority of its active life, and is best remembered in Britain).

Edition limited to 5000 pieces. In stock, priced at £66-99 (incl UK postage, slightly cheaper than predicted).