Jim Dunn's 1971 Dunn&Reath 'Cuda F/C

Bob Frey Remembers... "One of the great things about drag racing is that there is no "right way" to do anything. The challenge of making your car go faster than the other guy's has been with us for as long as we've had the wheel, and that's a few years now. That's why, when Jim Dunn came out with his rear-engine funny car in 1972, most people were a bit skeptical, but after the "Supernationals" that year, most of those skeptics became believers. Jim Dunn, the fireman from LaMirada, California, figured that if the dragsters could run better with the engine in the rear, then so could the funny cars. The problem was that no one had ever been able to make one of these creations competitive before; in fact, they could hardly keep them on the ground…literally! But, after a few false starts, "Big" Jim came to Ontario Motor Speedway and did what had previously been deemed impossible; he won the sport's biggest race in the sport's strangest car. The guy who used to race a short wheelbase Volkswagen with a Chrysler motor in it, had made a rear-engine funny car that could not only compete with the conventional cars, it could beat them. And to make matters even sweeter, in the first round of that great race, Jim beat Don Prudhomme who was debuting a brand new, state-of-the-art car that came complete with low aerodynamics, louvers in the hood and special bubbles over the front wheels for clearance. So much for state of the art, huh?" - Bob Frey

(October 2002) Legend, hero, icon, husband, father, grandfather, this is Jim Dunn. Born March 28th, 1934 in Artesia, Ca. Jim now resides in Long Beach, Ca. with his wife Diane. Jim was a Los Angeles County Firefighter for almost three decades beginning in 1969 until his retirement in 1994. Early in the 50's drag strips around Southern California were coming into prominence. It was on these tracks Jim began his racing career. Highly regarded and feared as a driver, Jim raced every kind of car one can imagine, enjoying success at each level. Success on American soil is only part of the legacy. Jim has raced on an international scale as well, setting and holding track records in both Japan and Australia. Jim's records as a driver and crew chief are astounding. During his career he has amassed an incredible list of wins and records. In 1981 he was named Pro Driver of the Year and finished 10th in the NHRA points standings. In '72 he won the Supernationals in Ontario, Ca. with his radical rear engine Barracuda, something many believed could not or would not happen. Jim proved them wrong. Jim Dunn racer became Jim Dunn movie star in 1972, when his year of racing was documented in the movie "Funny Car Summer". Jim was runner-up at the U.S. Nationals in 1981 and would win the World Finals in Irvine, Ca. that same year. In 1990 Jim retired from driving, becoming crew chief on the Snickers funny car. In 1992 Jim would once again have his own team . Many believe the greatest accomplishment a team can enjoy is a victory in Indy at the U.S. Nationals. Jim, Diane, Jon and the entire team felt that exileration in 1999 when they won at Indy. The year 2000 saw Jim celebrate his 50th year in racing, a milestone few will reach. We thank Jim for everything he has done to make drag racing the sport it is today. We can only guess where our sport would be without men like him. Someone once asked "What would drag racing be without Big Jim?" We wonder! - Courtesy of Steve & Kathy Dull (www.nitrosteve.com)

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