Don Shumacher's Wonder Wagon 'Cuda

One of the very first corporate sponsors in the sport of drag racing was the ITT Continental Baking Company and their Wonder Bread division. At the end of 1972 the company enlisted Kelly Brown and Glenn Way to drive their Chevrolet Vega panel-wagon Funny Cars, and although the team and the sponsorship got a lot of initial exposure, the end results were less than spectacular, so much so that the company went looking for another team after only a few months with the Vegas. Don Schumacher, who was among the top ranked drivers in the sport at the time, got the call to take over the team and, in the process, he switched the cars from the ill-handling wagons to the sleek Barracudas that made up Don's fleet of cars. In March of 1973, Don changed all three of his Funny Cars from the "Stardust" logo that he was running at the time to the "Wonder Wagon" design. Along with team drivers Bobby Rowe and Raymond Beadle, Don campaigned three of the "Wonder Bread" 'Cudas for a couple of months before changing over to a state-of-the-art Chevrolet Vega body style just prior to the Indy Nationals. Don's "Wonder Bread" cars were spectacular John Buttera race cars that were adorned with highly visible corporate identity, but just as quickly as they came, they went, and by the start of the 1974 season Don was back to back to his "Stardust" theme and the "Wonder Bread" experiment was just a memory. The first, major non-automotive sponsorship in the sport lasted just about one year, and Don Schumacher's "Wonder Wagon" 'Cuda raced for a grand total of 3 months. Still, even today, when you mention "Wonder Bread," every veteran drag racing fan immediately thinks about those polka dot Funny Cars, although most of them probably think of Vegas wagons, and not Don Schumacher's Barracuda.

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