1320's first (and possibly only?) ficticious commemorative model. Issued to coincide with Kenny Bernstein's announcment of his final year in drag racing and celebrating 23 years of Budweiser sponsorship this model slingshot emulates the paint/decal scheme of his current rear engined fueler. If you interest is in models of true prototypes then you can perhaps give this one a miss. If on the other hand you want to collect the full set of 1320's models, or perhaps you are a fan of either Bernstein or Budweiser, then you should move now to reserve your model. Much like the Garlits model all 5000 models in the "Forever Red" run have already been sold/allocated by the factory.

May update. My allocation of this model has now arrived, I have a few left over from the pre-orders at £ 66-99.