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A set of four tapes By Don Tuttle  
Hot Rodding - The Way it Was 

Don Tuttle was the track announcer at the Santa Ana dragstrip. For those who might need reminding, Santa Ana was the very first commercial dragstrip. If you are after film of early drag racing and other forms of hot rodding with original cars a plenty then these feature-film length tapes may just be what you are looking for. 

“Santa Ana Drags” covers the period 1952-1959, early cars in good colour and lots of them as each tape is feature film length. Plenty of shots of the famous dragsters of the era plus in-car camera with Hayden Proffitt’s single and the Howard Cams twin engine rails. Includes a live sound section on the Santa Ana commemmorative meet at Palmdale plus interviews with Art Chrisman, Joacquin Arnett and John Bradley. Loads of cars that are mentioned in the early magazines and nostalgia articles including The Bug, Glass Slipper, Bustle Bomb, early Bean Bandits and of course Art Chrisman’s Old Number 25 and Hustler 1. 

“Hot Rod Potpourri 1” & “2” includes the drags at Pomona, Fontana, Henderson, Lions, Riverside (1/2 mile), Santa Ana, Colton, OCIR, and not forgetting Great Bend for coverage of the 1st ever NHRA national meet. Also on these two tapes coverage of Bonneville including Thomson’s quad Pontiac Challenger, record runs and spills, stock car and circle track races from the late 40’s with Hudsons versus Crossleys and footage of real track-T’s in action. 

“1994 Bonneville” not surprisingly has live sound, and for those used to the drags it is educational to hear the motors winding up through the gears at a more gentle rate and staying on song for a longer time, not that the cars aren’t shifting as shown by in-car footage at 250 mph at Bonneville and 215 at El Mirage. Includes some historic Bonneville footage plus coverage of runs, including shaky moments, pit areas and some of the people involved. 

The first tape is approx 90 minutes the other three are around two hours each, there is some duplication, the in-car sequences in the Santa Ana and Bonneville tapes also appear in the Potpourri tapes but I reckon you must get 7 hours of original footage. The main point is that Mr. Tuttle was a very good amateur cameraman and he was right there on the strip. The first three historic tapes have narration by Mr. Tuttle, to be honest the narration is not as forceful as some other motorsport tapes I have come across, he does not sound as hyped up or as crass as Murray Walker (thankfully few people do), he does not try to identify every single car, the style of commentating is much more as if he had invited you into his home and sat you down in an easy chair, and as you watch these valuable old films he passes out relevant comments to fill in the background. Also provided with each tape is a printed leaflet with information on the winners, top speeds and dates for the various meets along with some additional stories and comments. 

These four tapes are only available as a set, they come in individual library cases with lineart illustrations. £ 69-99 for the set. Box Art [now removed]

Please note that the Don Tuttle tapes are now special order items, if you are interested in them please get in touch before ordering.