Malcom Dyer's Drag Racing Slides

(thats his photo transparencies, not sudden braking)

At long last, I have finally started loading on the images that Malcolm Dyer graciously loaned to me. Most of them are from the Pod in the seventies but there are others, the Custom Car show (at Ally Pally?), one of the few meets at Silverstone and also when he went to Edmonton in Canada. Malcolm's camera was relatively simple, no zoom lens or automatic exposure or focus. On some of his earlier shots it appears as if the cars left on him whilst for others he was able to pan perfectly. There were several hundred in his collection and if time and space permit I will eventually load on the bulk of them, they include some real classic shots, a couple may have been used by magazines.

Some of his slide sets were dated and annotated whilst others were not. As a consequence, particularly with my failing memory, I could do with a lot of help tracking down car, owner, crew and driver names plus events and dates. Where the image has a date the information is likely to be from the Kodak slide processing plant and thus the picture might have been taken a month or two earlier.

Not knowing any better I am doing an initial sort on vehicle type and hope that this will make it easier for you. If and when things are identified I'll run a second index with the names. If you have any knowledge of this era and can help identify or comment on any of the shots please give me a shout. It will also encourage me to load on some more.

Fuelers and other slingshot and rear-engine rail dragsters

Fuel and other "altered" style competition altereds


Pops and other older compact British comp cars

Later style British bodied comp cars

Pro stock and full-bodied yank saloon and sports competitors

Show cars (and competition cars in shows)

Engines close-ups and crew


Edmonton, Canada

For the moment I have not tried to compensate for exposure or colour tint, they were all scanned at the same setting, nor have I done any selective cropping. If you have a view either in favour of keeping the background or for cropping it away then let me know. To save on load times I have put them through an automated compressor, if you find these load too slowly for your liking they can be compressed further. If you want to see the full detail then any of these images can be bought as a print (commercial photo lab) direct from the original 1600 dpi scans. Here's an example

{short description of image}{short description of image}