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Jackson Brothers Drag Oldie Videos

Bad Boys Altereds   £26-99
1 hour historic footage prior to the NHRA AA/Fuel Altered ban. Taken from 8mm colour film by the Jackson Brothers in their early days the tape features cars like ‘Nanook’,’Pure Hell’,’Pure Heaven’,’lnstant T’ and of course Borsch’s ‘Winged Express’. The tape also covers the lesser altered categories. You get to see a lot of typical double A altered action with wheelstands and plenty of smokey runs. There are a couple of examples of the cars playing chicken with trackside cameramen, jumping across into the fire-up lane and one true classic where you can see the spectators bailing out of the stands. A couple of the shots suffer from a very slight graininess but the majority of the tape is very crisp with strong colours, the tape has a rock soundtrack and narration by Jamie Jackson. I believe that a mathematician once stated that the shortest distance between two points was a straight line, well he obviously never ran a fuel altered.

Bad Boys Altereds II - Live Action   £ 26-99
2 hours contemporary video coverage of the modern altered plus some nostalgia runs, in full sound if your set can take it. The tape shows the more modern longer wheelbase cars in action along with the more traditional shorties though it has to be said that the long cars don’t handle all that much better. The tape shows the usual wheelstands, blower explosions and engine fires with night racing and close up pit area sequences included. 

Gasser Files I & II   £26-99  
2 hours principally of historic footage of supercharged gas coupes in their heyday with truly classic gasser action, you can see the cars really torqueing over at the start usually followed by a wheelstand with the cars jumping around at each shift. The tape shows the full range of classic gasser cars, simply loads of Willyses, Anglias, Prefects and Austins. Featured to a slightly lesser extent are the ‘37 and ‘55 era Chevies, five window Fords, Thames panels, Mustangs plus the Henry J and Opel coupe with brief glimpses of Fiats, a Healey and a Hudson. The historic footage is very much in the same vein as Bad Boys 1 with the exception of narration by Tad Pollock (who was the track announcer at Fremont). The cine film that the tape is based on has survived without noticeable deterioration and the colours are good and bright. Interspersed amongst the historic filmstock are sequences from nostalgia drag meets featuring the surviving gassers doing their stuff with live sound. 

Super Gas Attack 1 + 2 & 3   £26-99
3 hours of solid super gas racing from the 1986 season, spread over two tapes. Super Gas cars racing heads up against a fixed index allows for close racing with virtually any style of bodyshell and appeals to the serious sportsman racer. In my opinion not the Jackson Brothers best tape simply because they keep the camera near the startline in a category that is designed to give close finishes. If Super Gas is your thing then this tape will deliver three hours of non-stop racing with Camaros, Corvettes, Willyses, Mopars, Mustangs and more. The second tape features some night racing, start line and pre-stage closeups and other shots of the track from different vantage points. Best recommended for the hard core fan. 

The Shoebox Dream   £26-99
80 minutes coverage of super fast shoebox Chevies and Thunderbirds. Most of these cars are steel bodied and have a street heritage, often having been modified progressively by the same family over the years. The tape also shows the start of the tube-chassis plastic bodied cars which have been developed into todays Pro Mod category. Includes in-car shots, several “nightmare” crashes and one of the luckiest escapes yet. Full colour card sleeve. 

Wildshots Oldies and Goodies   £26-99 
90 minutes of fantastic footage. This tape features an enormous range of machinery and quite a timespan. Types of cars covered include AA slingshots, rear engined fuel dragsters, fuel altereds, funny cars including the early A/FX type, stockers more or less the lot. It also includes the multi-engined exhibition cars, wheelstanders and jets along with some hairy rides. The tape obviously does not give the extensive coverage of the Bad Boys or Gasser tapes for those particular categories but it includes some cars and sequences that you simply will not find elsewhere, still my personal favourite 

Raw Drags Adventure   £26-99
Nearly two hours of more modern video coverage (with live sound) of muscle cars, super gas and sportsmen racers, hot-rod altereds, pro-mods, alcohol and nitro burning rails and funny cars. Without having the coverage of the weirder experimental and exhibition cars the tape is similar in format to the original Wildshots, and that means it includes wild rides along with record setting runs. There are some interesting camera angles from some brave or foolish cameramen, the good the bad and the completely mad? 

Hot Rod Thunder   £19-99
Jamie Jackson was one of the cameramen at this recording of the 1993 Jim Davis Memorial, a nostalgia meet held at Sears Point Raceway, shot using modern equipment this tape has, as you might expect good colour and sound. The tape has a small amount of historic footage of the Jim Davis slingshots and the Pure Hell altered as introductions to both these cars running at the meet. There are further slingshots both fuelers and the now inappropriately named “junior fueler” class which these days are running on methanol. There is a good mix of other categories, flathead rails versus inline sixes, altereds, muscle cars, pro mods and the blown twin engined Champion Speed Shops rail. Full colour card sleeve, approx 50 minutes. 

Nostalgia Wild   £26-99 
A true Jackson Brothers production. This tape gives a good view of the west coast nostalgia racing scene. With three or more cameramen at recent meets and thousands of feet of old cine film Jamie should have a reasonable amount of footage to select from in his edit suite and this tape has 90 minutes of good stuff, modern live sound sections following on from introductory historic film in “then and now” sequences. Some people might reckon that current nostalgia racing is a bit tame compared to the NHRA pro ranks but this video contains enough shots of cars going out of control to convince me that the drivers did not want (or know?) how to back off either then or now. Most of you will will be able to take a guess at the types of cars featured in the “now” sequences but the historic footage paints a broad picture of what the track set-ups were like, sure the heavy hitters of the day are covered but there are also the supporting vehicles with plenty of old stockers either spectating, acting as push cars or racing. In addition to the cars there are a couple of clips of drag-hydros flipping, scary stuff.

Front Engine Fueler  £26-99
The long promised slinghot tape has at last made it into production. This is the first of a proposed 3 tape series and covers the early fuelers from the 50's up to around 1962 and also includes footage of the rails that are being run in recent nostalgia meets. The historical cine based footage has music and narration with the more recent events having live sound, as may be expected. The tape runs for one and a half hours, split 50:50 between the historical and nostalgia footage. My recommendation is that you buy this tape straight away, I really do not think you will be disappointed. For your information the second tape should cover the mid 60's with the last tape covering the final swansong during 68-71 of this most graceful design of vehicle.

X-treme Nostalgia   £24-99
More nostalgia racing from the 2000 and 2001 seasons at the Bakersfield and Sears Point tracks. Using their more recent cameras and updated edit suite this tape comes out with really good picture quality and good tightly edited coverage of the front engined fuelers, altereds and full-bodied cars. Plenty of quick times, high top speeds and some bad behaviour not only from altereds (as might be expected) but also a whole fistful of slingshots, indeed there is enough crash&burn to make you wonder why they continue. 1 hour, live sound, music over the slow-motion replays, library case.

March Meet 2002   £24-99
What has been said for X-treme Nostalgia also applies here, front engine fuelers can be hard to handle, smashes, fires and also runs where both cars made it to a safe stop, and this is all from just one meet! Another full hour of tightly edited action from the Famoso Raceway at Bakersfield.

Gasser Nationals 2002   £24-99
This tape covers the the mid-year meeting at Medford, Oregon. The cars on show are mainly of more recent construction, sitting low on the ground, to make use of the modern tyres but whilst this may have dealt a blow to the traditional "high and mighty" stance it also has to be said that there seems to be a wider range of bodytypes in the equation. Willys, Anglia and Austin are still there but with now more tri-chevies, 30's Fords, Studebaker, boxy 70's Chevy, Fiat and a couple of other styles. One hour.

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