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Special Order Tapes 

The titles on this page can only be obtained to special order, if you have a particular interest in any of these tapes then please get in touch regarding availability and pricing. 

Jackson Brothers 

Cruisin’ in the Sun 92 
One of the earlier Jackson Brothers tapes covering a show put on by the Northern California Cruisers car club. Over 200 cars attended, everything from stock fins & chrome and muscle-era classics to customs, fad T’s, fat attack pick-ups and blown street rods. Most of the cars are on static display but some, notably the blown street rods, are also shown in motion and let you hear some remarkably loping engine tickovers. The camera tours round most of the stands, meeting car owners and accomplices on the way to help give a general flavour of the event. Approx 55 minutes, library case. 

Return to Half Moon Bay 
Just south of San Francisco is the historic Half Moon Bay track which shut down at the end of the 60’s. This tape covers a one-off meet to ascertain noise pollution, the organisers hoping to revive the track, run up a Junior Dragster league and race muffled stockers once a month with a nostalgia match on an occasional basis. This was something of a reunion meet with old timers returning to the strip plus whilst some of the younger local racers had their very first chance to use the track. Featured on the tape are muscle cars, rails, rods and altereds. Mostly solo runs for the purposes of the noise tests. Sadly the Nimbies won and here in all likelihood is the only coverage of this final event held in October ‘94. Say farewell to a famous dragstrip. Approx 54 minutes, library case with colour sleeve. 

Nitefire Frenzy 
This tape covers a sportsman’s meet at the Jackson County track near Medford, Oregon. Blessed with a beautiful location in terms of both scenery and a lack uppity neighbours no mufflers were required for this event. Despite what the title might suggest this tape is not dedicated to night racing. What you do see is the complete track, as the Jacksons have the run of the place, and the highlights of a full days racing. Classes include Jr. dragsters, super gas, bracket cars, junior fuelers and topping the bill a range of blown alcohol funny cars and altereds for some smoky action. As the evening comes draws closer the header flames certainly become more noticeable as the cars thunder off into the twilight. Would that there was a similar facility in Britain. 

Front Engine Fuelers 
Just in case the “box art” page has left you with a question, the probable answer is that this title was not released in 1997 and I, along with a good number of other people waited patiently for more than two years for the tape. In the meantime this project had been split into three volumes with the first tape at long last available. The first volume has different box art which more accurately reflects the historic footage that is included. Please note that these tapes will not actually require “special ordering”, they will be a normal stock item. 

A.N.R.A. Action Outtakes
In stock now is a small batch of the Jackson Brothers A.N.R.A. (American Nostalgia Racing Association) "Action Outtakes" tapes. This features blown Altereds, gassers and no less than 11 slingshot fuelers. The tape covers the action at a couple of nostalgia meets at tracks in Nevada and California. NEWS UPDATE  I am now down to my last handful of tapes, if you would like one it might be a good idea to order up a copy. 90 minutes £ 26-99

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