1/24 Scale Diecast Dragster Models

These models, manufactured in China for Thirteen-Twenty Inc. are highly detailed and accurately painted. Anybody who collects model dragsters will know that models of front-engine fuelers are thin on the ground, whether in plastic kit or assembled diecast form, and up to now decent diecast models have been rather conspicuous by their absence.
Well wait no longer! The first deliveries of 1320's range, Tony Nancy's "Sizzler", have now arrived. The detailing is excellent, when Scale Auto Enthusiast reviewed the production model (April 2001 issue) they stated that the model's blown hemi mill "is the best yet on a 1/24 scale diecast model" and if you examine the photo images I think you will see why.

In due course these models may become available from selected U.K. and european retailers, and if you need to see the model in the flesh before deciding whether you want one then I can only suggest you hang on. If however you want to make sure that you get one for your collection, bearing in mind that each of these models are limited to a maximum of 5000 worldwide, I would suggest that you do something about it now.
If you live in the U.K. then send a cheque for £ 49-99 and if we haven't sold out we will send you one of the models. The price includes postage to U.K. addresses but does not include VAT (which may be charged and would be payable to Customs or the Post Office). Unlike the video tapes we will not undertake to refund the VAT if it is charged, so please factor this into the price when making your decision. Last few remaining in stock - now sold out at 1320.

The second model in the series is now in stock, same deal £49-99. Bruce Wheeler's "Wheeler Dealer", a very successful east coast car, the model features the Ed Pink prepped 392 Hemi and  classic candy apple red paint. This model also sees the start of the "collector cards" that are included with this and subsequent models. I, along with several others, have asked 1320 to consider issuing retrospectively a card for the Tony Nancy model and it remains to be seen whether they are produced. The Bruce Wheeler model is limited to 3500 worldwide and 1320 now have less than 300 models in stock, don't say I did not warn you!

{ the 1320 site now lets you print your own collector card for the Tony Nancy model} Last few remaining in stock - now sold out at 1320

Garlits "Wynns Charger" (the fourth model in the series, the third to make it to production) is now in stock. If you have looked at 1320's site you will know the supply situation. If you have heard of Don Garlits and understand "supply and demand" then you don't need me to blather on. If you have not previously heard of Don Garlits then I rather suspect that you have stumbled on to this site by accident.

March 2002 update, I still have a few of these models in stock, if you want to make a swap for something I am looking for then get in touch.

Kalivoda's "The Joker" and Beebe & Mullgan's "Fighting Irish" (the third and fifth models in the series) are now in stock at £49-99 each. Last few Fighting Irish remaining in stock - now sold out at 1320.

The Jim Dunn (already sold out at 1320) and Pete Robinson (same again, are you getting the message here..) cars are now in stock at the usual price £49-99 each. The Sneaky Pete car is the first with the SOHC unit. Following closely on the heels of these two models is the recently arrived McEwen rail, £49-99.

If you are interested in the ficticious Bernstein commemorative "Forever Red" model please take note: This model has already been fully allocated by the factory prior to production. I have a consignment due (now in) but, like the Garlits model, resupply will be difficult if not impossible. Priced at £ 67-99, please move now if you want one.

Tommy Ivo,now in stock along with the beautiful Keeling & Clayton model. Also in stock are the Gary Cochran and Chris Karimisenes fuelers, and most recently Garlits' Swamp Rat X (the red car).

{short description of image}

Shumacher's Stardust F/C, in stock at last. Don Cook's Damn Yankee jrecently arrived, now followed by the Dunn & Reath 'Cuda and both the commemorative model celebrating 40 years of "The Snake" plus Prudhomme's white (ex Hotwheels) 'Cuda as the first of his Army sponsored cars, which is the latest model in the Floppers series. (Incidentally if you like the early Hotwheels floppers you can find both the Mongoose and Snake "legends" models at the web-store)

Due to requests I am now accepting pre-orders for planned 1320 products so here are some images to give you the general idea:

Slingshot rails.

In stock:

Connie Kalitta's Bounty Hunter

Kenny Safford's Gotelli Speed Shop

Don Prudhomme's Wynn's Winder


Larry Dixon, Howard Cams Rattler

Steve Carbone, Crietz & Donovan

Plymouth 'Cuda funny cars

Ed McCulloch's Whipple & McCulloch

Don Schumacher's Wonder Wagon


Ron O'Donnell's Big Noise

Leroy Goldstein, Candies & Hughes